PayString CLI Reference


PayString was previously known as PayID.

Use these commands with PayString CLI. See PayString CLI for setup information.

help [command...]Provides help for a given command.
exitExits application.
clearClears the terminal.
crypto-address add <paymentNetwork> <environment> <address> [tag]Starts building a new PayString.
crypto-address remove <address>Removes an address from the current PayString.
keys clearClears all loaded keys.
keys generateGenerates and saves a new identity key.
keys listLists keys that have been loaded.
keys load <filePath>Loads identity-key from file.
keys printPrints keys that have been loaded in pem format.
init <payString>Initializes a new PayString.
inspect [payString]Inspects signatures on the loaded PayString or from an optionally specified PayString.
load <payString>Loads a PayString from PayString server.
showShows the currently loaded PayString.
signSigns the loaded PayString with the loaded signing keys.
verify [payString]Verifies the loaded PayString or an optionally specified PayString.
saveSaves the currently loaded PayString.
from-url <url>Converts a URL to a PayString.
to-url <payString>Converts a PayString to a URL.